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Cakes & Squares

Lebkuchen Bars

Lady Cake

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

I think we could all agree that cupcakes are a classic favourite, and it’s something that the gluten-free population often misses out on. That’s why Chef Hamid and I carefully created a version that brings back the wonderful taste and texture of your oldread more…

Blueberry London Fog Cake

The London Fog drink was thought to have been invented in Vancouver in 1996 by a clever barista at the Buckwheat Cafe when a pregnant customer could not drink her usual caffeinated drink. I, an earl grey loving Vancouverite (and a frequent user ofread more…

Angel Food Cake

Grams/ Weight Measurement Yield = 1×8” pan 5 g lemon juice 10 g vanilla 190 g egg white (6) 3.5 g cream of tartar 1.5 g salt 150 g white sugar 50 g icing sugar 80 g Nextjen All Purpose Baking Blend (flour) Siftread more…


Carrot Cake

Devils Food Cake

Genoise Sponge Cake

Grams/ Weight Measurement Yield = 10 x 12” cake 100 g melted butter 200 g white sugar 20 g vanilla 2 g salt 6 eggs separated 10 g baking powder 220 g Nextjen All Purpose Baking Blend (flour) Whip egg whites with salt andread more…

Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake