Developing baked goods and delicious food without any gluten requires a bit of ingenuity. Gluten has the unique function of providing elasticity to dough and this affects the volume, crumb texture and many characteristics of the final result. I’ve spent more than a few hours researching ingredients. Everything in our Nextjen Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Blend has been carefully chosen by me, Chef Jen Peters. I wanted to develop a baking blend that was a simple substitute for wheat flour and provided the same flavour and characteristics, but was even better. I have used as many organic ingredients as possible and discovered a balanced blend that this wholesome, versatile, simple to use, and delicious. I am also committed to making Nextjen Gluten-Free GMO free – just one of the reasons why you won’t find any corn in our blend.

As a manufacturer of gluten-free products we comply with Canada’s Food Inspection Agency to ensure that every product that we produce is truly gluten-free. No grains or other products containing gluten proteins are used in our manufacturing facility, nor will they be found in our any of our raw materials or finished products.

Our staff is fully trained in HACCP, food safety, sanitation and prevention of cross-contamination and we are actively working towards the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten Free Certification program. We test every batch that we produce to ensure our products meet gluten-free specifications.

Here at Nextjen Gluten-Free, not only are we expert chefs, but we’re an open book. I hope that by using our baking blend you will feel confident that you are using the best ingredients possible and that your gluten-free meals will be easier to make and full of flavour.

-Chef Jen Peters


Tapioca Starch –from the cassava root
I chose this for its neutral flavour and because it provides that “stretch” to recipes during baking.

Sweet White Rice Flour –short grain or sticky rice
I also chose this for its neutral flavour, as well for its air trapping and stretching abilities.

Brown Rice Flour whole grain rice with bran
This has a mild nutty flavour. I also chose to use this for the added bonus of using a whole grain product complete with fibre and protein.

Millet Flour –a grass plant
This is another whole grain and has a mild buttery flavour.

Buckwheat Groats –of the rhubarb family of plants (We sprout and mill these ourselves!) I chose to use this as it provides a delicious toasted nut flavour, it caramelizes well and helps in the formation of a good crust.

Guar Gum -guar seed husks
It’s important to include emulsifiers to reduce air loss in recipes using our baking blend. I chose to also include guar gum, which has a neutral flavour and is less processed than xanthan gum.

Citric Pectin –gelling agent from citrus fruit peels
This is another natural emulsifier to reduce air loss in recipes using our baking blend. I also decided to include this as it helps make all of your baked goods soft and moist.

Ginger Root
I added this to the baking blend in order to round out the flavour. It’s mild, but noticeable in the final result.

Note on Allergens 

Nextjen Gluten-Free does NOT include NOR have in our facility oats, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, sulphite, xanthan gum, sesame seed, seafood or shellfish.