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Pastas & Savouries


1 Cup Nextjen Gluten-Free Tempura Flour Mix 1 ½ cup chilled water Method: Whisk Together well Rest for 2-5 minutes Batter your product in the Tempura batter Fry at 350F till golden brown in color 3-6 minutes Place on paper towel to drain cessesread more…

Pizza Dough

Fresh Pasta


Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders


Fried Chicken bone on

8 pc chicken skin on 3 cups Nextjen Gluten-Free Artisan Fried Chicken Mix  1 tsp salt 2 cloves garlic, crushed  Oil for frying 1. Whisk together 4 tsp Nextjen Gluten-Free Artisan Fried Chicken Mix , garlic, and salt in a large bowl.  2. Place chicken inread more…

Fried Chicken and Waffle

This recipe combines two of our favorite things: waffles and fried chicken. Here at our shop I’ve spent numerous days making what feels like endless skids of fried chicken mix, and that all hard work isn’t for nothing, because there is nothing quite likeread more…

Fish and Chips

1 cup of Nexjen gluten Free fish and chip batter 1 ½ cup of cold water Using a whisk all together well, rest for 2-5 minutes (this is made fresh daily) Dust the fish in dry flour mix Place dusted fish into batter Placeread more…



Pierogi Dough