Roti Chapati

Yields 12 Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 5 min Total Time 20 min


  1. 280 g or 2 cup Nextjen All Purpose Baking Blend (flour)
  2. 20 g or 2 tbsp Psyllium husk
  3. 20 g or 2 tbsp Corn bran (or rice bran)
  4. 360 g or 1 1/2 cup Hot water
  5. 20 g or 2 tbsp Canola oil


  1. Mix all ingredients together in mixer for 3-4 minutes (the dough will form a ball).
  2. Divide into 10- 12 even pieces and roll as thin as you can on sweet white rice flour.
  3. Close to serving time heat a large non-stick frying pan to med/high.
  4. Lightly oil the chapatti (spray oil works well).
  5. Place flat bread in dry pan for 40 seconds (if it starts to burn turn down the heat, if it starts to stick turn up the heat).
  6. Flip onto other side for another 40 seconds; the bigger bubbles the better.
  7. With a folded clean kitchen towel pressed down on your Chapatti; this helps form bigger bubbles.
  8. After removing from pan, brush with butter and serve.


  1. *** Be careful not all spray oils are Gluten free!!